The Naxos Folk Museum Collection established in July 2009 is quietly located in a refurbished house on the Old Market St in the historical part of Naxos Town just minutes away from the busy port and the main thoroughfare.

The Collection depicts a glimpse into the life and occupation of both town and country Naxians covering facets of the Aegean islandís more recent history from 18th C to 20th C.

Items in common use represent town life at the time: ceramic jugs and wooden tableware distaffs, oil lamps, votive offerings, bread making utensils along with numerous other objects of household and commercialenterprise. Costumes of the koudanati (Apeiranthos) and the kourdelati (Melanes) next to musical instruments such as the gida(Greek bagpipe) illustrate traditions carried out in different villages. Tools used in the emery mines and other implements show
> weaving,
> winemaking,
> bee keeping,
> cheese making
> and land cultivation.
All are integral occupations, which have contributed to the comprehensive history of life in Naxos making it one of the most fascinating multifaceted islands in the Aegean attracting visitors of all ages and on all levels.

The owners, Kathy and Vassilis Koutelieris have also included their eye-catching private collection of silver jewellery with belts, buckles and other artifacts from northern Greece. Many photographs, some small, others larger than life, line the walls providing a vivid interaction with Naxian heritage. An Apeiranthian household stands watchful, frozen in a moment of time; while students from the Ursuline Convent stand captured next to the washbasins they once used.

All in all this is an interesting, well-documented museum collection with careful attention given to detail and accuracy of the islandís history and traditions. Why not start your tour here?
It is an excellent place to discover Naxos and to begin to get to know the island and its people.